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Research projects

Seven local research Laboratories are involved in the Nano-Phot Graduate School. The coordinating lab (L2n, about 100 persons) is a world-class expert in nano-optics and nanophotonics. While L2n manages the school (in particular by welcoming more than 50% of the students), its six partners in Reims provide complementary tools and expertise by working on applications of nano-optics in three important domains: material science (LRN and ITheMM), agro-resources/environment (FARE and SEBIO) and health (MEDYC and BIOSPECT).

The research projects are divided in 4 themes.

Theme 1: Emerging materials and devices for nano-optics

Theme 2: Nano(spectro)scopy and Nanosensors

Theme 3: fundamental phenomena in nano-optics

Theme 4: nanofabrication for Nano-optics

Date of update 19 novembre 2020