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  • Lab projects (1 or 2 days/week)
- Photoluminescence of Quantum Dots coupled to gold nanostructures : FLIM measurements and parametric study
- Plasmonic surgery
- Integration of quantum emitters on 1D photonic crystals
- Fabrication of optical characterization devices with Lego
- Compact SPR biosensor : experiment and simulations
- Fabrication and optical characterization of self-assembled gold nano-rings under tension
- Creation of a mini interactive learning module in Virtual Reality within a research laboratory
- Manipulating Micro-objects with Optical Tweezers
- SERS substrates : tips and tricks
- Rapid Thermal Annealing of sputtered ZnO films : physico-chemical and optical properties of the interface ZnO/Si
- QDs attachment on functionalized metal nanoparticles
- Optical characterization of 1D photonic crystals nanocavities
- Fabrication and characterization of an ultra-narrowband filter made-up in glass photonics circuit's technology for integrated Raman spectroscopy applications
- Project title : Surface Plasmon Resonance Bioimaging System
- Quantum tomography and noise in quantum photonics using non-linear optics
- Integrated nanophotonic devices with 2D materials
  • Master internship projects (6 months)
- Self-aligned functionalization of optical antennas by laser-induced ablation
- Photochromic material for optical neuromorphic computing
- Development of multirange biosensors for polluants and diseases detection
- Production of a state-of-the-art scanning electron microscope to the highest possible standards
- Optics & Photonics research engineer
- 2D nanomaterials enhanced surface plasmon resonance sensors for chemical and biological sensing applications
- Ultrasensitive plasmonic biosensors enhanced by graphene on copper coated nanostructured substrates
Date of update 30 mars 2022