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Master Program

The first year of the master program is divided into 2 semesters: the first semester takes place in Reims and the second semester takes place in Troyes.
More informations HERE.

The second year is also divided into 2 semesters, the second one dedicated to the Internship. The first semester can be done either in Troyes or in Reims depending on the Lab Project chosen by the student.
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Detailed NANO-PHOT program



Funding opportunities

You have several possibilities of funding within NANO-PHOT :

The mobility grant :

The GS NANO-PHOT offers a mobility grant for students who join the first year of the master program. This mobility can help registered students to face financial issues (visa, lease, mobility...). The amount of the grant depends on the situation of the students. The maximum amount is 3500€. Priority will be given to students with ascertained financial difficulties, in particular foreign students settling in France from abroad.

Please find below the procedure to apply for this scholarship:
  • While you apply for the GS master program, send us (nanophot@utt.fr) at the same time an application for the mobility grant: cover letter, bank account information (the account must be in the name of the applicant) and any document that would be helpful to the jury for the final decision: invoices, support letters, certificate of income from parents the applicant depends on,...
  • Eligility: any student who has been selected by the GS admission jury and who has completed the registration process.
  • Award criteria : Demonstrated financial needs and difficulties, academic excellence

Master remuneration:

From the 4th semester, you can get a 600€/month stipend during your final 6-month internship

Consulate/Embassy scholarships:

You can contact the consulate and the embassy in your country. Indeed, sometime the embassies have specific international programs that allow students to get scholarships.
It's necessary to contact them or to visit their website to find out the potential open scholarship program.

Date of update 02 février 2022