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NANO-PHOT has 4 governance authorities : the Management Committee (MC), the Local Advisory Board (LAB), the Student Representative Council (SRC), the Executive Board (EB) and the International Advisory Board (IAB). The missions and the relations between each entity is shown on the scheme below. 

Management Committee (MC)

  • Renaud BACHELOT (UTT)
  • Anne-Laure BAUDRION (UTT)
  • Aurélien BRUYANT (UTT)
  • Christophe COUTEAU (UTT)
  • Nicolas HORNY (URCA)
  • Rodolphe JAFFIOL (UTT)
  • Jérémy MALLET (URCA)
  • Olivier SIMONETTI (URCA)

Student Representative Council (SRC)

To come

International Advisory Board (IAB)

To come

Executive Board (EB)

To come